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About BadBeat.Bet

BadBeat.Bet is the vision of TheKoC, aka The King of Content.

Forget boring sports sites with serious Joe Blow’s sitting behind a desk making picks. Let’s have fun, win a little, lose alot and enjoy the painstaking suffering that many football Sunday’s deliver every NFL Season.

BadBeat.Bet will deliver sports betting data, matchup analysis and become the best place to get informed prior to a big weekend of upsets and blown bets.

You really can’t expect to win, can you? So enjoy the ride and remember one key thing. The more you lose, the more I make. If you’re gonna make bad decisions click the sponsor links and sign up so I can get a cut. I’ll thank you by spending your lost money to deliver more content and insight, allowing you to make even more ill-informed decisions.

And because I care, I’m going to add in a special section for the wives. You can’t blow cash and booze with the boys without keeping the wife happy. I’ll help you keep them happy and occupied on Game Days.

The institute may be gone, but I’m still searching for the next great gift for men!

BadBeat.Bet is the home of heartbreak brought on by every sports bettors' nightmare, the Bad Beat. Get statistics for your National Football League bets and place your NFL wagers with confidence. Enjoy betting trends and a football sports betting blog with personality. Make Bad Beat your home for NFL and College football betting odds, stats and inside information on prop bets, futures bets and more. Coming Soon: NBA, NHL, MLB betting information, exclusive offers for Sportsbooks so you can bet online and more.

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